Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are often cherished as permanent symbols of self-expression. However, changing preferences or life circumstances may lead to a desire for tattoo removal or alteration. Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne offers a solution for those seeking to restore their skin to its original state or prepare it for a new design.

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Our Expertise

With over two decades of experience in tattoo removal and modification, our clinic prioritizes two key factors: ink removal's effectiveness and the skin's post-treatment appearance. We acknowledge that the cost of laser treatment can exceed the initial expense of getting a tattoo. Still, we believe investing in high-quality lasers and skilled practitioners yields the best outcomes.

Understanding Tattoo Regret

Tattoo regret is a common phenomenon, with approximately 20% of Australians and up to 50% of university students expressing dissatisfaction with their tattoos. Fortunately, laser tattoo removal provides a safe and efficient method for erasing unwanted ink and restoring the skin's natural appearance.

The Importance of Professionalism

Laser tattoo removal Melbourne requires precision and expertise. Selecting a reputable cosmetic medical laser clinic with medically qualified technicians is crucial to minimize the risks of burns, infections, and permanent scarring. A skilled laser operator ensures the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

In conclusion, laser tattoo removal is a reliable option for those wishing to remove or modify their tattoos. By choosing an experienced clinic and understanding the process, individuals can achieve the desired results with minimal risks.


If using a topical anaesthetic cream (EMLA), apply it at least 1 hour before your session, covering it with cling film or a dressing.


Post-treatment, a prescription cream will be applied to the tattoo, covered with a dressing, and cooled with an ice pack for 10 minutes. The area may feel like it has sunburn, and some swelling or blistering might occur. The dressing should remain in place for 48 hours. Normal activities can resume, but it's crucial to avoid direct sunlight or friction on the treated area until it has fully healed.


How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?

If your goal is to lighten your current tattoo for a new design, approximately 6-8 sessions might suffice. However, if you aim to revert your skin to its original, unmarked state, you may need between 10-20 sessions. The exact number of sessions is difficult to predict due to variables such as the type and amount of ink used, as well as the depth of its application.

Can coloured tattoos be removed?

Indeed, they can. We utilize three distinct types of medical-grade Q-SWITCH lasers. Each is attracted to different tattoo pigment colours. For instance, removing red ink requires a different wavelength than what's needed for black ink. Consequently, effectively treating multi-coloured tattoos necessitates the use of more than one Q-SWITCH laser variety.

Additionally, we employ the advanced Picosure laser, which is particularly effective for tattoos with green and blue hues.

Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Is the laser tattoo removal process painful?

In all honesty, laser tattoo removal can be quite painful, often described as equal to or more intense than the tattooing process itself. Many clients opt for a topical anaesthetic cream, like EMLA, to alleviate some of the discomfort.

At times, local anaesthetic injections are also administered, a procedure we are equipped to perform as a medical practice.

Nonetheless, modern medical advancements have significantly expedited the treatment process. Our Picosure laser offers the quickest and least painful method of tattoo removal.

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal?

The removal cost varies based on the laser type, tattoo size, and ink used.

Typically, removing a tattoo smaller than a standard business card ranges from $150-$250 per session.

For tattoos larger than a standard business card, the cost ranges from $250-$450 per session.


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