5 things you need to know about Lip Blushin

Lip-blushing is a semi-permanent makeup application that injects pigment into the top layer of the skin with a micro-needle, providing a more natural-looking alternative for achieving the perfect pout.

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Lip blush offers both enhancement and corrective benefits. It can even out the symmetry and colour of your lips, creating a fuller appearance. The results can also reduce the signs of scars or aging. You won't have to worry about lipstick, although you can still wear it if desired.

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves depositing coloured pigments in the lips through tiny needles. It differs from traditional lip tattooing, focusing more on enhancing the lips rather than creating a lip-liner effect.

Coloured ink can be embedded into the lips to give them a permanent makeup effect, providing a natural look and making them appear more defined and fuller, similar to semi-permanent lipstick.

Learn about lip blush tattoo

Many women are turning to permanent lip blushing and lip liner tattoos as a solution to the tiresome daily task of applying lipstick and enhancing the appearance of their lips.

When considering permanent makeup, weighing the pros and cons is necessary. Consulting with a professional permanent makeup artist beforehand is crucial to gather all the required advice and information for making an informed decision.

Before your initial appointment, here are five essential facts about lip blushing Melbourne that you should know.

Lip blushing enhances lip appearance

Lip blushing Melbourne is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the natural colour and shape of the lips. The artist selects pigments slightly different from the natural lip colour to achieve a more natural and improved look than traditional ink-based lip tattoos or cosmetic fillers.

Pigment vs. traditional tattoo ink

Permanent makeup uses a semi-permanent pigment applied to the top layer of skin, not deep like traditional tattoo ink. This gives a more natural look and is less permanent. The pigment ink is thicker than conventional ink, resulting in a more natural finish. However, the downside is that the pigment will fade over time and may need touch-ups after 12-18 months to maintain the desired look.

Lips are susceptible

Compared to other permanent makeup procedures, lip blushing can be more painful. To reduce discomfort, numbing cream can be used before the service. This cream is safe to use and won't interfere with the process. Most lip-blushing services last around 90-120 minutes. The numbing cream typically lasts 2-4 hours and can be reapplied during the procedure.

Healing can take two weeks

After the lip tattoo procedure, your lips will need time to heal. Scabbing and flaking are expected, and the colour may initially fade as the skin thickens. This is all part of the healing process, so don't worry. The colour will come back as your lips heal. Be patient and avoid picking at the scabs. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized, and avoid strenuous activities like going to the gym or swimming for the best results.

The skin tone affects the result

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Hyperpigmentation is a condition that can cause patches of skin to become darker than the surrounding skin, which is more common in individuals with darker skin tones. This occurs due to an excess of melanin production during the healing process after micro-wounds are created by a needle, leading to potential darkening of the skin.

Permanent lip blush tattoos can be a time-saving option for streamlining your morning routine, but it's essential to carefully consider whether they are the right choice for you. Consult with your tattoo artist for expert advice.

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